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Review by Scott Feehan


Mike and his team did a great job installing our new windows. I am also blown away by the quality of the windows. My house was built in 1950, so we had the old single pane windows throughout. We have been in this house since 2004 and have never been able to get it cool in the summers. I had blown insulation in the attic years ago... I installed a larger AC three years ago... The coolest my house would be in August when it was above 90 degrees outside would be 78 degrees (with the AC running non stop). As soon as Mike and his crew put his windows in, I was able to get the house down to 72 AND the AC would stop running every now and then. I never thought I would experience that in this house.They also made our entire house look brand new. Huge upgrade in that regard.On top of this, they are very quiet. We live on a fairly busy street and used to hear every car that would pass by. Not any more.Probably the best investment we have ever made in the house. I wish we would have done it 10 years ago. Looking forward to seeing the difference in our utility bill. Thanks Mike!


Review by Casey Adrienne Leleux


Great company with great service and amazing prices!!